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Don’t Wear out the Carpet – Getting the best ROI from Remote Monitoring

Resolving 60-70% of your AV issues without a technician setting foot in the room is difficult but possible, however it requires a good investment in tooling, people and process. The cost per incident when a technician has to be dispatched rises significantly and in a large building, university campus or office with remote sites, the return on investment for a good remote monitoring and management system can be very high.

The same is true of incidents where the power or data cables have been disconnected, or equipment powered off inappropriately. While monitoring kit can’t in itself prevent that, it will help you see when it goes offline, and perhaps a pattern of regular room users will emerge to help find the culprit. As a side-note you can also achieve significant energy savings using a remote monitoring tool as it will tell you which equipment is being left on, and in many cases will let you remotely power off too. Read more

University Students Demanding more from AV Components

Look out for the latest issue of University Business, for an interview with CDEC’s Very own Spiros Andreou, our newly appointed Service Delivery Manager. As part of Publication from Univerisy Business, Spiros discusses the security issues universities have with AV devices and how they can overcome them:

” As AV devices become equal citizens on the network, security policies need to be developed collaboratively with desktop, network, enterprise architecture and AV support teams involved in the conversation”

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To discuss managed service and security with Spiros, please complete the form at the bottom of this page or email him direct on Spiros [at] cdec . co . uk