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Clevertouch screen support managed by CDEC

Maintain and update all your Clevertouch screens with a cost-effective fully managed service agreement

CDEC has announced that it now offers a fully managed service agreement for Clevertouch screens. For just £3.75 a month CDEC will ensure your devices are updated with the latest pre-tested firmware, apps are loaded and ready for staff to use, and health checks are carried out on all your devices. This will ensure screens operate as expected while highlighting potential issues before they arise, reducing room downtime. Read more

CDEC - AV Systems Integrator
AV Awards CDEC named Reseller/Integrator of the Year

CDEC has won the prestigious Reseller/Systems Integrator of the Year award at the AV Awards 2017. The announcement, which was made at a ceremony at the Grosvenor Hotel in London on 29 September, recognised CDEC’s work over the previous 12 months, including projects such as the unique Explore Floor at Kensington Prep, meeting spaces at UCAS HQ, and the use of innovative techniques to ensure quick and smooth installation of new technology in multiple spaces at Goldsmiths University. The company’s commitment to customer service and the desire to always deliver excellence were also key factors behind the AV Award.

Toni Barnett, MD at CDEC, said: “Over the past 12 months we’ve invested in key people and in training to create a knowledgeable, professional workforce that truly understands the needs of clients. Each member of the CDEC team is determined to make every project happen on time and on budget, while aiming to be the best at what we do and we’re so pleased this hard work and professionalism has been recognised by AV Magazine.

“We’d also like to thank all our partners, suppliers, manufacturers and clients – we wouldn’t have been able to win this award without their support.”

Program Delivery
Don’t Wear out the Carpet – Getting the best ROI from Remote Monitoring

Resolving 60-70% of your AV issues without a technician setting foot in the room is difficult but possible, however it requires a good investment in tooling, people and process. The cost per incident when a technician has to be dispatched rises significantly and in a large building, university campus or office with remote sites, the return on investment for a good remote monitoring and management system can be very high.

The same is true of incidents where the power or data cables have been disconnected, or equipment powered off inappropriately. While monitoring kit can’t in itself prevent that, it will help you see when it goes offline, and perhaps a pattern of regular room users will emerge to help find the culprit. As a side-note you can also achieve significant energy savings using a remote monitoring tool as it will tell you which equipment is being left on, and in many cases will let you remotely power off too. Read more

University Students Demanding more from AV Components

Look out for the latest issue of University Business, for an interview with CDEC’s Very own Spiros Andreou, our newly appointed Service Delivery Manager. As part of Publication from Univerisy Business, Spiros discusses the security issues universities have with AV devices and how they can overcome them:

” As AV devices become equal citizens on the network, security policies need to be developed collaboratively with desktop, network, enterprise architecture and AV support teams involved in the conversation”

See the full feature here

To discuss managed service and security with Spiros, please complete the form at the bottom of this page or email him direct on Spiros [at] cdec . co . uk

Digital transformation in Supply Chain

Travelling back from a recent holiday highlighted to me the challenges we’re faced with on a daily basis, whether it’s in our personal lives or at work solving a problem to make our company run more efficiently, save costs and increase productivity. New ideas and solutions to problems are ever present – some we adopt and others we ignore, occasionally at our expense. One of my favourite, but madly absurd, ideas was the announcement by one airline in 2010 and another just this year; both want to offer standing room only on their short-haul flights, which sounds ridiculous! Passengers want comfort surely? But for the budget airlines it would be a big thumbs up, maximising capacity and increasing profits with every single flight. Staying with the transport theme I began thinking about how new Read more

Planning for success

There’s no denying that the busiest time for AV installs in educational institutions is the summer period, but with an increase in school activity during this break and integrators and installers in high demand, how do you plan for success and ensure projects run smoothly? Adam Harvey, Solutions Architect at University of Hertfordshire, offers some guidance.

While universities want and need to be at the forefront of technology, there is no denying that a major AV upgrade can be disruptive, and the truth is there really is no ‘best’ time to do this kind of work.  Vacation times have the least amount of activities in the teaching spaces so it’s a bit easier to co-ordinate, but only a bit. Conference bookings, summer schools and general maintenance works are all competing to get into the spaces when they are free. Out of hours and weekend work are an option but they come at an increased cost not just for install teams but also for university staff who are required onsite to accommodate the project. Read more