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AV Awards CDEC named Reseller/Integrator of the Year

CDEC has won the prestigious Reseller/Systems Integrator of the Year award at the AV Awards 2017. The announcement, which was made at a ceremony at the Grosvenor Hotel in London on 29 September, recognised CDEC’s work over the previous 12 months, including projects such as the unique Explore Floor at Kensington Prep, meeting spaces at UCAS HQ, and the use of innovative techniques to ensure quick and smooth installation of new technology in multiple spaces at Goldsmiths University. The company’s commitment to customer service and the desire to always deliver excellence were also key factors behind the AV Award.

Toni Barnett, MD at CDEC, said: “Over the past 12 months we’ve invested in key people and in training to create a knowledgeable, professional workforce that truly understands the needs of clients. Each member of the CDEC team is determined to make every project happen on time and on budget, while aiming to be the best at what we do and we’re so pleased this hard work and professionalism has been recognised by AV Magazine.

“We’d also like to thank all our partners, suppliers, manufacturers and clients – we wouldn’t have been able to win this award without their support.”

Program Delivery
Don’t Wear out the Carpet – Getting the best ROI from Remote Monitoring

Resolving 60-70% of your AV issues without a technician setting foot in the room is difficult but possible, however it requires a good investment in tooling, people and process. The cost per incident when a technician has to be dispatched rises significantly and in a large building, university campus or office with remote sites, the return on investment for a good remote monitoring and management system can be very high.

The same is true of incidents where the power or data cables have been disconnected, or equipment powered off inappropriately. While monitoring kit can’t in itself prevent that, it will help you see when it goes offline, and perhaps a pattern of regular room users will emerge to help find the culprit. As a side-note you can also achieve significant energy savings using a remote monitoring tool as it will tell you which equipment is being left on, and in many cases will let you remotely power off too. Read more

University Students Demanding more from AV Components

Look out for the latest issue of University Business, for an interview with CDEC’s Very own Spiros Andreou, our newly appointed Service Delivery Manager. As part of Publication from Univerisy Business, Spiros discusses the security issues universities have with AV devices and how they can overcome them:

” As AV devices become equal citizens on the network, security policies need to be developed collaboratively with desktop, network, enterprise architecture and AV support teams involved in the conversation”

See the full feature here

To discuss managed service and security with Spiros, please complete the form at the bottom of this page or email him direct on Spiros [at] cdec . co . uk

Digital transformation in Supply Chain

Travelling back from a recent holiday highlighted to me the challenges we’re faced with on a daily basis, whether it’s in our personal lives or at work solving a problem to make our company run more efficiently, save costs and increase productivity. New ideas and solutions to problems are ever present – some we adopt and others we ignore, occasionally at our expense. One of my favourite, but madly absurd, ideas was the announcement by one airline in 2010 and another just this year; both want to offer standing room only on their short-haul flights, which sounds ridiculous! Passengers want comfort surely? But for the budget airlines it would be a big thumbs up, maximising capacity and increasing profits with every single flight. Staying with the transport theme I began thinking about how new Read more

Junior AV Engineer – Day in the life

Hello! Firstly my name is Sean Copeland and I am a Junior AV Engineer with CDEC. I joined CDEC about 7 months ago with the intention of using this role as a learning platform to build a career within the AV industry. Prior to this I worked in AV as a warehouse technician for an events company but I wanted to move into the installation side of things. To set me up for a career in AV I spent three years at Southampton Solent University where I gained a Bachelor’s degree in Live and Studio Sound, which gave me a solid foundational knowledge of the equipment used within the AV world. This blog will follow a day-long hall install we recently completed at a primary school in Norwich and describe what an average day looks like for me.

6:30am: This is the time my working day usually begins as I travel to the site in the van CDEC has provided me. Today I have a longer than usual commute as the job is in Norwich which is about a 2-3hour drive from where I live in Kent.

9am: We arrive at the school and can begin the work we are scheduled to do. Our first task is to find our point of contact on site to discuss the project and answer any questions or requests they might have. Once we have met with our contact we are shown to the school hall where we will be working and the location of the equipment we will be installing. In this case we are installing a 2m-wide projection screen along with a short-throw projector and four speakers mounted in each corner of the room in a stereo layout. Along with this we will be installing a 42” screen in the school’s reception which will be connected to Onelan digital signange.

9:45am: Now that the planning side of things is out of the way the bulk of our work begins. The first part of the job is to unload all of the tools we will need from the van and move them into the school hall. We begin with the installation of the 42” screen; this is an old screen that has been stored by the school so first we need to transport it to the reception and place it on the wall. My role during this part of the install is to gather the power and network cables required to connect the screen to the Onelan box and provide power to the screen while my colleague Steve Jackson, an AV Engineer at CDEC, mounts the screen onto the wall.

10:30am: The screen is now installed onto the wall and connected to the school’s network. We then move on to the main bulk of the work for that day, the hall install. When we enter the hall our first task is to unpack all of the equipment from the delivery boxes to ensure all items are present and there are no physical signs of damage. After the kit is unpacked the first step of the install is to mount the 2m projection screen onto the wall along with the short-throw projector. During this part of the process I start mounting the projector onto part of the mount whilst assisting Steve by finding and handing him several tools to pass up the ladder to him while he places the mounts for the projection screen into the desired location. Once these are in place it then becomes a team effort to mount the screen into place, with both of us climbing up ladders and clicking the screen into place followed by us putting the safety clips in.

12:30pm: Now the screen is on the wall Steve moves on to finishing the projector mount and mounting it above the screen before cabling the projector up to a connection plate, sourcing power for the projection screen and projector whilst placing all cables into trunking. Whilst he does this I start the task of mounting the new speaker system and connecting them to the prebuilt audio rack that had been delivered to site. Luckily on this occasion, as this was a new-build hall, the speaker cable had been pre-run through the walls by an electrician, saving us the task of running our own cable.  For me, audio equipment has always been my strongest point within AV so completing this task allows me showcase my knowledge of the equipment whilst using the installation techniques I have learnt whilst with CDEC.

1:45pm:  We have now finished the installation part of the day so we move on to testing all of the equipment to ensure we have been successful in our task. I can happily say that everything on this occasion worked without any issues. Once testing has been completed we move on to the fun task of cleaning up all of the mess that comes with installing AV equipment, as we always aim to leave the space in the same clean condition we found it in. Once we have tidied up our work area and have everything working we find our point of contact to give them a demo of their new AV equipment and answer any final questions.

2:30pm: The client has been shown the install and is more than happy with the work we have done, so with our completed sign off sheet we start our two and a half hour journey home.

So, this is what a usual day for looks like for me. More often than not we will complete jobs like the above but at multiple different locations across the South of England. 

What I find the most enjoyable about being an Engineer is that every day brings a new challenge to solve. This has allowed me to grow my skills within the AV industry as I am able to learn from a skilled engineer whilst getting hands on with multiple different types of AV equipment in various different environments. Day to day I am able to keep these skills fresh as our timetable is filled with various difference maintenance and install jobs which allow new learning opportunities.

So far in my 7 months with CDEC I have been able to learn so much from my junior role, and I have been given the tools to allow me, in time, to become an AV engineer. I look forward to seeing what the future will bring and the new challenges I will face that will enable me to grow my skills and develop myself within this job role. 

CDEC shortlisted for Education Project and Reseller of the Year at the AV Awards

CDEC has been shortlisted for two AV Awards by AV Magazine including Education Project of the year for its work at Kensington Prep, and for Reseller Integrator of the year.

We have been recognised for our innovative work on the Explore Floor at Kensington Prep school. Part of the £2.7 million Growing Minds project undertaken by the school, the Explore Floor uses technology to encourage students to be creative thinkers, risk takers and to enable them to collaborate on projects to develop their self-enquiry and independent learning skills. The technology in the room is extensive, from projectors, iPads and multi-touch screens to intelligent blinds and lighting, not to mention a multimedia recording studio, complete with green screen facilities.

The announcement of Reseller of the Year comes in recognition of the fact that CDEC has invested in key people and in training to create a knowledgeable, professional workforce dedicated to delivering Excellence in AV, while also delivering some outstanding projects across the education corporate and medical sectors in the past 12 months.

Toni Barnett, managing director at CDEC, said: “The AV Awards are always a great night and we’re thrilled to be part of it once again this year. Kensington Prep showcase how great technology can transform environments and improve learning outcomes. The shortlising of Reseller means a lot to me personally, CDEC having won this award in 2013 and 2014, It feels good to be back in the mix once again and we are thrilled that AV Magazine has recognised our commitment and passion to the AV Industry.”