8 questions to ask yourself when you buy a projector

Are you looking to buy a projector? Finding a solution can be a difficult task. Should you opt for DLP, LCD, LED or laser? Short throw or long throw? What projection surface should you opt for or should you maybe consider LED tiles or video walls instead of a projector? The answer to all of these questions of course depends on the environment in which the projector will be used and the purpose it will be used for. However, there are also a number of other factors that need to be considered in every scenario. Read more

How to create the perfect huddle space

At ISE this year, huddle space was discussed both on the showfloor and in the conference sessions. The discussions focused on the design of a space, whether a classroom, workspace, store or any other environment in which AV technology plays a key role.

What became clear is that room design is crucial to the effectiveness of how a space is used and if the design and layout is poor, no amount of technology will fix the problem.

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CDEC - AV Systems Integrator
What is good audio?

Audio is an often-overlooked element of audio-visual system design; displays, screens, videowalls and the many ‘visual’ elements of AV are often front of mind when people consider the kind of system they want. However, without good audio, many of these solutions will not be fit for purpose.

Take conferencing for example. While, the screen will most likely take centre stage in the room, without high-quality audio any meeting is likely to be ineffective at best and abandoned at worst. Read more