Global Enterprise Service Framework


CDEC's enterprise service incident resolution allows speedy specialist AV teams to manage on site local engineers over the network. Our fantastic approach to supporting AV global strategies enables you as the customer to implement standardised solutions across your entire network and organisation. Cost effective and efficient, we understand the intricacies of your business goals and objectives, covering, content and marketing.

We are able to oversee all technology and will rapidly deliver on the changes required. We are keen to capture and share your technology standards online, deliver project designs, ensure quality control and leverage customer specific standards. With streamline, you can support a scaleable end to end service for tailored enterprise client, compromised into three powerful tools.

Today’s marketplace operates on a global playing field and so does your company! We make it our goal for you to be able to communicate with ease around the world with your clients. From intuitive collaboration spaces and scalable IT solutions to data centres and security, CDEC ensure a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to help you manage protect and grow your company.

Our Enterprise Service Solution

  • Project Preparation
  • Project Delivery
  • Enterprise Service
  • Standards & Programme Management
  • Streamline Entertainment

CDEC's technical experts have a thorough understanding of IT, UC & AV setups, typically using network features to access & facilitate remote diagnostics & resolutions to a high standard and where ever possible. We dispatch local engineers at a speedy rate to best time consume your project. With a Customer support software in place to streamline your customer interactions and project delivery, we'll organise customer tickets & you can request, track & act on customer feedback end-to-end. We are always figuring our solutions to your problems, before you even know there is one!

CDEC is one of Europe’s most dedicated and passionate audio visual systems’ integrators. From initial design consultation to deployment to managed services, CDEC is a trusted technology partner